Fringe Friends Review: Mange Tout

I’d walked past Mange Tout several times before but never gone in. Well, now I know. You should always go into Mange Tout rather than walking past…

The entire seasonal menu is written out on big blackboards on the walls. After browsing the menu with the waiter’s suggestions, we decide on two small plates and one large mezze plate for the 2 of us. Taking advice from the waiter to narrow down the broad choice of natural wines, we select the ‘orange wine’ that’s surprisingly not made with oranges! It’s actually made from white grapes that are fermented as if making red wine which gives it its unusual colour.

The dishes are so beautiful on arrival that we barely wait to tuck in. Chargrilled courgettes, pine nuts, ricotta and pesto (small plate), Panzanella salad, tomatoes, cucumber and mozzarella (small plate) and the Mezze platter: halloumi, falafels, babaganoush and olives (large plate). The aubergine purée on the Mezze platter is a firm favourite of my partner’s – there’s a running commentary of ‘yum’ with each mouthful. The first bite of the Panzanella salad sends me off to heaven. So light with basil pesto that is absolutely divine, I could eat it all day. The polenta sticks on the Mezze platter are a bit like chunky chips but with a lighter texture, never having had them before I’m pleasantly surprised.

The ricotta is beautiful, melt-in-your-mouth and the courgettes are the best we’ve ever had.

Soft instrumental music creates a lovely chilled atmosphere throughout the meal and we finished our delicious dinner with not much space left. Sharing a raspberry and hazelnut tart is a mistake. I soon realise I want it all to myself.  Soft with a light crust on the top and silky smooth on the inside… truthfully I end up eating most of it anyway.

Overall a strong 10 out of 10 for Mange Tout, wonderful food, and very attentive staff that master the balance of being friendly without overstaying their welcome at the table. I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

Platinum members get a complimentary bottle of wine with dinner when having 2 courses (including a main each). Try going on a Thursday and give their sharing platter a go!

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