Fringe Friends Review: About Balance


The teacher Rosie and several students sit peacefully in a small light room with the sun streaming in. I silently join them, collecting a mat, blanket, block and bolster from the neat cupboards on the side of the room.

As I settle down my breathing deepens, relaxing into the moment and allowing my movements to be led by Rosie’s instructions. We do cat/cow into downward-facing dog where we are encouraged to do what feels good by peddling out our legs and nodding and shaking out heads. We are taken through a series of stretching, invigorating and relaxing exercises to prepare for the day, some more challenging than others. The range of movements is broad and a variety of ways of doing any particular exercise is shown to suit all abilities. Anyone would feel welcome here.

When the class ends with ‘Namaste’ everybody brushes their mats and puts all yoga accessories back into the storage cupboards and heads off into the fresh morning to continue on with their days. I myself feel energised, filled with motivation and wishing I could start every day like this.

Click here and enter the promo code ‘fringe17’ to get HALF PRICE off the About Balance Karma card. You will need to take your Silver/Gold/Platinum Friends card with you to your class/treatment.

This means that even after spending the £15 on the Karma card you can get an hour massage for just £25 rather than the standard £45 . Plus 90 minute yoga classes for just £6!

The Karma card not only allows these huge discount but also gets you:

Gunns the Florist – 10% off all their lovely flowers
Shaloah Skin Care – online only, use code balance15 for 15% off this amazing natural local skincare!
Bison Beer Brighton – 10% off the most lovely vegan local beer (well it is about balance!)
Zahra Gain Graphic Design – Free A4 print with first 4 orders (10% discount after)
Black Eye Hair – 20% off everything
VBites Cafe & Shop – 10% off your post-yoga meal – they’re right underneath About Balance!
The Spice Shop – Spice up your life with 10% off
Bluebird Tea Company – 10% off all their lovely tea
Seed ‘n’ Sprout – 10% off at Kemptown’s answer to Infinity Foods
Eat Naked – 10% off all their clean eats and protein treats
GLOW Choir – ½ price drop-ins at this uplifting Brighton singing group
Marwoods – Coffee only £2! Schooner Beer only £2!
Presuming Eds – Coffee only £2! Cake only £2!

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