A Poetic ‘thank you’ from Julian Caddy

You Have Made This 



A cluster of contradictions

A chaos of creative visions

Predictably unpredictable





A miracle


The Fringe is our city

Our community

Our future, our present, our past

The schools, the colleges, the students in the cast


The freedom to try

The freedom to fail

The freedom to create

The freedom to relate


The freedom to say why not, to risk everything to fulfil our dream


Because we can


Because if we can touch even one more heart, then we succeed


So f*ck being told you can’t

And f*ck being told you aren’t


F*ck it if you don’t fit


Because you made it


The Fringe will be there for you as long as you need it

It will stay with you long after you leave it


So stand tall

Be angry

Be hungry

Be furious

Be curious


Be free

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